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10 Different Types of Care Available to You and a Loved One

As you and your loved ones age, certain health issues are likely to arise. Whether it’s a physical or mental ailment, there are treatment options and care services suitably tailored to you or your loved one’s needs – you are not alone.

With just a little time, care and research you could be well on your way to establishing a care plan that perfectly suits you and your loved ones.

Here are 10 different types of care available to you today…

1. Home Care

Perfectly suited to those wanting to remain in a familiar environment and the comfort of their own space. Depending on how able-bodied a senior is, this will determine the level of care required around the home.

2. Live-in Care

As the name suggests, care givers offer full-time live-in services within the home of a senior. This is an ideal service for the elderly who require full-time needs and round-the-clock observation and who are particularly frail.

3. Overnight Care

This is merely a supplementary service to day-time or part-time care around a senior’s own home. Overnight care is an example of an overlap type of care, which could be required only when necessary or in certain circumstances when full-time carers have taken leave.

4. Dementia Care

Generally, these types of carers must have completed a formal training course in dementia awareness and how to handle the needs of dementia patients. This form of care is relatively specialised as those with dementia will require a very specific form of care in order to help them perform simple daily tasks and, ultimately, live a life with substance.

5. Alzheimer’s Care

Once again, these types of care givers are required to have some form of Alzheimer’s awareness training as a very specific form of care is needed, similar to that of dementia sufferers. Alzheimer’s carers should have a thorough understanding of how to effectively communicate, motivate and explain daily tasks to their care receivers. They also assist with tasks such as house work and alleviating stress symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

6. Respite Care

This is care in the form of offering full-time care givers a chance to take some leave and recharge their batteries. Respite care is essential for full-time care givers so that they do not suffer from care giver burn-out, allowing them to rest and return to care giving with renewed energy.

7. Parkinson’s Care

Parkinson’s is a complicated, degenerative disease which affects the nervous system and leads to tremors, muscle rigidity and more. Due to the nature of this disease, care givers are highly specialised in dealing with all stages of Parkinson’s, offering adequate care at each stage or progression of the disease. It’s important these care givers are highly adaptable in order to avoid the stress of frequently changing care givers from one stage of the disease to the next.

8. Convalescence Care

This form of care is related to rehabilitation and recovery from a certain illness or injury. These care givers offer hands-on, physical care – manually lifting, moving, bathing, changing, feeding, and assisting with movement and exercise and more.

9. Palliative Care

This sensitive form of care is related to the later stages of a senior’s life, also known as ‘end of life’ care. Care givers offer services that cater to the physical comfort and needs of a senior, while also offering support to family and friends. Palliative care can last as little as a few days, or up to 12 months or more.

10. Physical Disabilities Care

This form of care is offered to seniors who are relatively disabled and require care for everyday tasks such as bathing, eating and moving around, among many other things. This form of care concentrates on offering a disabled senior a sense of ‘independence’ in being able to remain ‘active’.

While finding the right care for an elderly loved one may seem overwhelming at first, a good place to start is understanding your options and what is available in terms of the different types of care out there.

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