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Live in Care – why you get the best of both worlds

If there were one prevailing emotion carried in the human spirit, it would be the necessity for freedom. Humans crave independence and the choice to freely make decisions about how they want to live their lives, no matter their age. So why should this freedom be denied to us as we grow older? Yes, our minds and bodies may not be as young and capable, but the will is still alive and thriving.

Granted, there are scenarios where your independence as a senior is limited due to illness, frailty or cognitive ability, but the option of choice should still be available. This is the beauty of live in care, where independence is made a daily priority yet live-in support is always available.

Here’s why live in care offers the best of both worlds:

1. You’re provided with the best care on your own terms

Accepting help can be a struggle as we age, most especially when it comes to personal care. Many seniors have their own capabilities and needs, and this is why live in care is so beneficial as it focuses on these individual needs, on your own terms.

Live in carers understand the importance of respecting boundaries and personal space. They offer you the chance to make your own decisions based on daily activities, the food you eat, sleep and wake times, bathing schedules, social outings and more. All of these aspects of care are tailored to your specific needs and what you can do independently.

2. Live in care fits into your routine

Unlike many residential care homes, live in carers understand the importance of scheduling daily tasks and appointments around your routine. Your day is not pre-planned for you. Instead, you are offered flexibility and choice, centred on your routine and what you want to do each day.  If you’d rather visit a friend for breakfast or take an afternoon stroll, live in carers offer you that freedom.

3. Your safety and independence are both a priority

The best thing about live in care is having the peace-of-mind that you have your daily freedom, but are always in the safest hands possible. Rest-assured your live in carer will be there for you when you need them. Your carer will always have your best interests at heart – reminding you what’s good for you and what’s not. At times seniors may not want to hear this, but this is the job of a live in carer, and this too should be respected.

4. You have everyday access to your support network

With live in care you have the opportunity to spend more time with friends and family as your caregiver understands how vital this is for your social and mental wellbeing. Living at home allows you to see friends and family as they pop in and out for visits while enjoying the space and privacy you deserve.

Ultimately, live in carers are trained to make you a number one priority. Both your care needs and independence are equally important, making for the best quality of life possible.

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